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[nin-kuh m-poop, ning-] /ˈnɪn kəmˌpup, ˈnɪŋ-/

a fool or simpleton.
/ˈnɪnkəmˌpuːp; ˈnɪŋ-/
a stupid person; fool; idiot

1670s, nicompoop. Despite similarity [noted by Johnson] to Latin legal phrase non compos mentis “insane, mentally incompetent” (c.1600), the connection is denied by etymologists because the earliest forms lack the second -n-. Weekley thinks first element may be a proper name, and cites Nicodemus, which he says was used in French for “a fool,” or Nicholas. Klein says probably an invented word.


A fool or stupid person (1676+)


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