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[nahyn-pens, -puh ns] /ˈnaɪnˌpɛns, -pəns/

(used with a plural verb) British. pennies.
a former shilling of Great Britain, issued under Elizabeth I for use in Ireland, debased so that it was used in England as a ninepenny piece.


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    [nahyn-pen-ee; for 2 also nahyn-puh-nee] /ˈnaɪnˌpɛn i; for 2 also ˈnaɪn pə ni/ adjective 1. noting a nail 2.75 inches (7 cm) long. Symbol: 9d. 2. of the value of ninepence.

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    noun, Cell Biology. 1. the arrangement of microtubules in a flagellum or cilium, consisting of a ring of nine evenly spaced couplets surrounding two central singlets. Symbol: 9 + 2.

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