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[nin-ee] /ˈnɪn i/

noun, plural ninnies.
a fool or simpleton.
noun (pl) -nies
a dull-witted person

“simpleton, fool,” 1590s, perhaps a misdivision of an innocent (see N for other examples), or from the pet form of the proper name Innocent, with sense influenced by the name’s literal meaning. There may be some influence in the word of Italian ninno “baby, child.”


A fool or stupid person (1676+)


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    [nin-ee-ham-er] /ˈnɪn iˌhæm ər/ noun 1. a fool or simpleton; . /ˈnɪnɪˌhæmə/ noun 1. (US & Canadian) a ninny n. also ninny-hammer, “simpleton,” 1590s, from ninny + hammer (n.), but the signification of the second element is obscure. noun A fool or stupid person (1676+)

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