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Ninth degree


the ninth generation or ninth in descent; by extension, maximum degree, greatest extent


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  • Ninth-of-av

    noun, Judaism. 1. .

  • Ninth symphony

    One of the great achievements of European music, it was Ludwig van Beethoven’s last symphony; known also as the “Choral” Symphony. Its finale is a musical setting of Friedrich von Schiller’s “Ode to Joy,” a hymn to the unity and freedom of humanity.

  • Ninurta

    [ni-noo r-tah] /nɪˈnʊər tɑ/ noun 1. a Sumerian and Babylonian hero god.

  • Ninus

    [nahy-nuh s] /ˈnaɪ nəs/ noun 1. the legendary husband of Semiramis and founder of Nineveh. /ˈnaɪnəs/ noun 1. a king of Assyria and the legendary founder of Nineveh, husband of Semiramis

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