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Nipple line

nipple line n.
See mamillary line.


Read Also:

  • Nipple shield

    nipple shield n. A cap or dome placed over the nipple of the breast to protect it during nursing.

  • Nipplewort

    [nip-uh l-wurt, -wawrt] /ˈnɪp əlˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt/ noun 1. a yellow-flowered plant, Lapsana communis, found in woods and on wasteland. /ˈnɪpəlˌwɜːt/ noun 1. an annual Eurasian plant, Lapsana communis, with pointed oval leaves and small yellow flower heads: family Asteraceae (composites)

  • Nippon

    [nee-pawn; English ni-pon, nip-on] /niˈpɔn; English nɪˈpɒn, ˈnɪp ɒn/ noun 1. a Japanese name of . /ˈnɪpɒn/ noun 1. transliteration of a Japanese name for Japan

  • Nipponese

    [nip-uh-neez, -nees] /ˌnɪp əˈniz, -ˈnis/ noun, plural Nipponese, adjective 1. . /ˌnɪpəˈniːz/ adjective, noun (pl) -nese 1. another word for Japanese “Japanese,” 1859, from Nippon, Japanese word for “Japan,” from ni(chi) “the sun” + pon, hon “source,” which is said to be from Chinese for “rising sun-place.” Derisive slang shortening Nip attested from 1942.

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