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Nitrogen monoxide

the systematic name for nitric oxide


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  • Nitrogen-mustard

    noun, Chemistry. 1. any of the class of poisonous, blistering compounds, as C 5 H 1 1 Cl 2 N, analogous in composition to mustard gas but containing nitrogen instead of sulfur: used in the treatment of cancer and similar diseases; mechlorethamine. noun 1. any of a class of organic compounds resembling mustard gas in […]

  • Nitrogen-narcosis

    noun, Pathology. 1. a semistupor, lightheadedness, or euphoria experienced by deep-sea divers when nitrogen from air enters the blood at higher than atmospheric pressure. nitrogen narcosis n.

  • Nitrogenous

    [nahy-troj-uh-nuh s] /naɪˈtrɒdʒ ə nəs/ adjective 1. containing . /naɪˈtrɒdʒɪnəs/ adjective 1. containing nitrogen or a nitrogen compound: a nitrogenous fertilizer nitrogenous ni·trog·e·nous (nī-trŏj’ə-nəs) adj. Relating to or containing nitrogen. nitrogenous (nī-trŏj’ə-nəs) Containing nitrogen or a compound of nitrogen.

  • Nitrogenous wastes

    nitrogenous wastes [(neye-troj-uh-nuhs)] Animal wastes (particularly urine) that contain materials high in nitrogen content. Note: Nitrogenous waste can be valuable as fertilizer.

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