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noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology.
a colorless, crystalline, water-insoluble, explosive solid, C 6 H 8 N 6 O 1 8 , used as a fulminating agent in percussion caps and in the treatment of hypertension and coronary insufficiency.
[nahy-truh-man-i-tawl, -tol] /ˌnaɪ trəˈmæn ɪˌtɔl, -ˌtɒl/
noun, Chemistry.


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    [nahy-truh-man-i-tawl, -tol] /ˌnaɪ trəˈmæn ɪˌtɔl, -ˌtɒl/ noun, Chemistry. 1. .

  • Nitromersol

    [nahy-truh-mur-sawl, -sol] /ˌnaɪ trəˈmɜr sɔl, -sɒl/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a brownish-yellow or yellow, granular, water-insoluble powder, C 7 H 5 HgNO 3 : used in alkaline solution chiefly as an antiseptic.

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