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noun, Chemistry, Pharmacology.
a colorless, sweet-smelling, sweet-tasting, nonflammable, slightly water-soluble gas, N 2 O, that sometimes produces a feeling of exhilaration when inhaled: used chiefly as an anesthetic in dentistry and surgery, in the manufacture of chemicals, and as an aerosol.
a colourless nonflammable slightly soluble gas with a sweet smell: used as an anaesthetic in dentistry and surgery. Formula: N2O Systematic name dinitrogen oxide Also called laughing gas

nitrous oxide n.
A colorless sweet-tasting gas used as a mild anesthetic in dentistry and surgery.
nitrous oxide
A colorless, sweet-smelling gas. It is used as a mild anesthetic, often called laughing gas. Nitrous oxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere and is a greenhouse gas. Chemical formula: N2O.


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