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National Keratoconus Foundation


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    no known drug allergy

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    National Kidney Foundation

  • NKGB

    1. in the U.S.S.R., the government’s secret-police organization (1941–46). abbreviation 1. (formerly) People’s Commissariat of State Security: the Soviet secret police from 1943 to 1946

  • Nkomo

    [uh n-koh-moh, uh ng-koh-] /ənˈkoʊ moʊ, əŋˈkoʊ-/ noun 1. Joshua Mquabuko Nyongolo [uh m-kwah-boo-koh nyong-goh-loh] /əm kwɑˈbu koʊ nyɒŋˈgoʊ loʊ/ (Show IPA), 1917–1999, African nationalist and political leader in Zimbabwe. /əŋˈkəʊməʊ/ noun 1. Joshua. 1917–99, Zimbabwean politician; coleader, with Robert Mugabe, of the Patriotic Front (1976–80) against the government of Ian Smith in Rhodesia; minister […]

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