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[noh-frilz] /ˈnoʊˌfrɪlz/

providing or including basic services and necessities without any additional features or amenities:
Food and beverages are not covered by the low no-frills air fare.
unadorned; simple; plain; spare:
a straightforward, no-frills package of health-care benefits.
offering only a basic service in order to keep costs low: a no-frills airline

1957, from no + frills. The expression no thrills meaning “without extra flourishes or ornamentation” is in use from 1870s; the original notion probably is of plain clothing.

Man with no frills (American) a plain person, a man without culture or refinement. An amiable term to express a vulgar fellow. [Albert Barrere and Charles G. Leland, “A Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant,” Ballantyne Press, 1890]


Restricted to the essentials; without frivolous ornamentation or flourishes: Imagine a no-frills warehouse crossed with an abattoir (1960+)


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