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No shinola


No shit. No kidding: no shinola, gas prices are high


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  • No-show

    [noh-shoh] /ˈnoʊˌʃoʊ/ noun 1. a person who makes a reservation and neither uses nor cancels it. 2. a person who purchases an admission ticket and doesn’t use it. 3. any absentee. adjective 4. not appearing as scheduled or expected. noun 1. a person who fails to take up a reserved seat, place, etc, without having […]

  • Nosh-up

    noun 1. (Brit, slang) a large and satisfying meal

  • No-side

    noun 1. (rugby) the end of a match, signalled by the referee’s whistle

  • Nosily

    [noh-zee] /ˈnoʊ zi/ adjective, nosier, nosiest. 1. unduly curious about the affairs of others; prying; meddlesome. /ˈnəʊzɪ/ adjective nosier, nosiest 1. (informal) prying or inquisitive adj. also nosey, 1610s, “having a prominent nose,” from nose (n.) + -y (2). Earlier in this sense was nasee (mid-14c.), from Anglo-French, from Old French nasé, ultimately from Latin […]

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