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No sir

Also, no sirree. Certainly not. This emphatic denial is used without regard to the gender of the person addressed. For example, No sir, I’m not taking her up on that, or Live here? No sirree. [ Mid-1800s ]


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  • No siree

    negation No; absolutely no: Nope, never, no way. No siree bob (first form 1848+, second 1890+)

  • No skin off my ass

    adjective phrase (Variations: butt or ear or nose may replace ass) Of no concern, esp damaging concern, to me; immaterial: And if you fall on your face, no skin off my nose (entry form 1920+, nose 1909+)

  • No slouch

    adjective phrase Very able or competent; skilled • Often followed by at something: She’s no slouch at finding good restaurants/ When it comes to golf he is definitely no slouch [1796+; fr British dialect slouch, ”awkward, lazy person,” found by 1515]

  • No-smoking

    [noh-smoh-king] /ˌnoʊˈsmoʊ kɪŋ/ adjective 1. . adj. 1905; the sign wording itself is attested by 1817. Smoking is a vice to [sic] — and a national one, of such magnitude that railroad corporations throughout all their routes in the United States, have a special command in large letters, conspicuously placed at depots and inside of […]

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