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Nodal rhythm

nodal rhythm n.
See atrioventricular nodal rhythm.


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  • Nodal switching system

    (NSS) Main routing nodes in the NSFnet backbone.

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    National Oceanographic Data Center

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    Noddack (nŏd’āk’) German chemist who with her husband, Walter Karl Friedrich Noddack (1893-1960), discovered rhenium and an element they called masurium (later named technetium) in 1925.

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    [nod] /nɒd/ verb (used without object), nodded, nodding. 1. to make a slight, quick downward bending forward of the head, as in assent, greeting, or command. 2. to let the head fall slightly forward with a sudden, involuntary movement when sleepy. 3. to doze, especially in a sitting position: The speaker was so boring that […]

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