a showy Chinese lilac, Syringa reflexa, of the olive family, having nodding clusters of pinkish flowers.

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  • Nodding-pogonia

    noun 1. a rare orchid, Triphora trianthophora, of the eastern U.S., bearing three pink flowers.

  • Nodding spasm

    nodding spasm nod·ding spasm (nŏd’ĭng) n.

  • Nodding-trillium

    noun 1. a hardy plant, Trillium cernuum, of the lily family, of the eastern coast of North America, having wavy-petalled, white or pinkish flowers on short, recurved stalks hanging beneath the three whorled leaves.

  • Noddle

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    [nod-ee] /ˈnɒd i/ noun, plural noddies. 1. any of several dark-bodied terns of the genera Anous and Micranous found about the coasts and islands in warm seas of both the New and Old Worlds, often so tame as to seem stupid. 2. a fool or simpleton; noodle. /ˈnɒdɪ/ noun (pl) -dies 1. any of several […]

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