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Nodular leprosy

nodular leprosy n.
See tuberculoid leprosy.


Read Also:

  • Nodular lymphoma

    nodular lymphoma n. Malignant lymphoma characterized by nodules resembling normal lymph nodes but consisting of undifferentiated cells that are similar to lymphocytes or contain variable numbers of larger histiocytelike cells. Also called Brill-Symmers disease, follicular lymphoma.

  • Nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis

    nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis nodular non·sup·pu·ra·tive panniculitis (nŏn-sŭp’yə-rā’tĭv) n. Panniculitis having no known cause and characterized by recurring attacks of fever and the formation of tender subcutaneous nodules on the trunk and legs. Also called Christian’s disease, Weber-Christian disease.

  • Nodulation

    nodulation nod·u·la·tion (nŏj’ə-lā’shən) n. The formation or presence of nodules.

  • Nodule

    [noj-ool] /ˈnɒdʒ ul/ noun 1. a small node, knot, or knob. 2. a small, rounded mass or lump. 3. Botany. a tubercle. /ˈnɒdjuːl/ noun 1. a small knot, lump, or node 2. Also called root nodule. any of the knoblike outgrowths on the roots of clover and many other legumes: contain bacteria involved in nitrogen […]

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