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[nuh-goo-chee; Japanese naw-goo-chee] /nəˈgu tʃi; Japanese nɔˈgu tʃi/

[hee-de-yaw] /ˈhi dɛˌyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1876–1928, Japanese physician and bacteriologist in the U.S.
[ee-sah-moo] /ˈi sɑˌmu/ (Show IPA), 1904–88, U.S. sculptor and designer.
Hideyo (ˈhiːdɛˌjɔː). 1876–1928, Japanese bacteriologist, active in the US. He made important discoveries in the treatment of syphilis

Noguchi No·gu·chi (nō-gōō’chē), Hideyo. 1876-1928.

Japanese-born American bacteriologist who discovered the cause of syphilis and yellow fever and who worked to develop treatments for them.


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