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[am-bi-gyoo-i-tee] /ˌæm bɪˈgyu ɪ ti/

noun, plural ambiguities.
doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention:
to speak with ambiguity; an ambiguity of manner.
an unclear, indefinite, or equivocal word, expression, meaning, etc.:
a contract free of ambiguities; the ambiguities of modern poetry.
noun (pl) -ties
the possibility of interpreting an expression in two or more distinct ways
an instance of this, as in the sentence they are cooking apples
vagueness or uncertainty of meaning: there are several ambiguities in the situation

c.1400, “uncertainty, doubt, indecision, hesitation,” also from Medieval Latin ambiguitatem (nominative ambiguitas) “double meaning, equivocalness, double sense,” noun of state from ambiguus (see ambiguous).


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