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[uh-kwat-ik, uh-kwot-] /əˈkwæt ɪk, əˈkwɒt-/

of, in, or pertaining to water.
living or growing in water:
aquatic plant life.
taking place or practiced on or in water:
aquatic sports.
an aquatic plant or animal.
aquatics, sports practiced on or in water.
/əˈkwætɪk; əˈkwɒt-/
growing, living, or found in water
(sport) performed in or on water
a marine or freshwater animal or plant

late 15c., from Middle French and Old French aquatique (13c.), from Latin aquaticus “growing in water; bringing rain,” from aqua “water” (see aqua-)
Relating to, living in, or growing in water.


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