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[koh-in-si-duh nt] /koʊˈɪn sɪ dənt/

happening at the same time.
; occupying the same place or position.
exactly corresponding.
in exact agreement (usually followed by with).
having the same position in space or time
usually postpositive and foll by with. in exact agreement; consonant

late 16c., from French coincident, from coincider (see coincide).


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    [koh-in-si-den-tl] /koʊˌɪn sɪˈdɛn tl/ adjective 1. happening by or resulting from ; by chance: a coincidental meeting. 2. existing or occurring at the same time. /kəʊˌɪnsɪˈdɛntəl/ adjective 1. of or happening by a coincidence; fortuitous adj. c.1800, from coincident + -al (1).

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    [kuh-lin-ee-er, koh-] /kəˈlɪn i ər, koʊ-/ adjective 1. lying in the same straight line. /kɒˈlɪnɪə/ adjective 1. lying on the same straight line 2. having a common line adj. 1863, from col- + linear. collinear (kə-lĭn’ē-ər)

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