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[kuh n-tin-yoo-uh s] /kənˈtɪn yu əs/

uninterrupted in time; without cessation:
continuous coughing during the concert.
being in immediate connection or spatial relationship:
a continuous series of blasts; a continuous row of warehouses.
Grammar. (def 7).
prolonged without interruption; unceasing: a continuous noise
in an unbroken series or pattern
(maths) (of a function or curve) changing gradually in value as the variable changes in value. A function f is continuous if at every value a of the independent variable the difference between f(x) and f(a) approaches zero as x approaches a Compare discontinuous (sense 2) See also limit (sense 5)
(statistics) (of a variable) having a continuum of possible values so that its distribution requires integration rather than summation to determine its cumulative probability Compare discrete (sense 3)
(grammar) another word for progressive (sense 8)

1640s, from French continueus or directly from Latin continuus “uninterrupted, hanging together” (see continue). Related: Continuously.

continuous con·tin·u·ous (kən-tĭn’yōō-əs)



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