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[kuh n-ven-shuh-nl] /kənˈvɛn ʃə nl/

conforming or adhering to accepted standards, as of conduct or taste:
conventional behavior.
pertaining to convention or general agreement; established by general consent or accepted usage; arbitrarily determined:
conventional symbols.
ordinary rather than different or original:
conventional phraseology.
not using, making, or involving nuclear weapons or energy; nonnuclear:
conventional warfare.

of or relating to a convention, agreement, or compact.
Law. resting on consent, express or implied.
of or relating to a convention or assembly.
following the accepted customs and proprieties, esp in a way that lacks originality: conventional habits
established by accepted usage or general agreement
of or relating to a convention or assembly
(law) based upon the agreement or consent of parties
(arts) represented in a simplified or generalized way; conventionalized
(of weapons, warfare, etc) not nuclear
(bridge) another word for convention (sense 7)

late 15c., “of the nature of an agreement,” from Late Latin conventionalis “pertaining to convention or agreement,” from Latin conventionem (see convention). Meaning “of the nature of a convention” is from 1812, now rare; “established by social convention” is from 1761; that of “following tradition” is from 1831; that of “non-nuclear” is from 1955. Realted: Conventionality; conventionally.


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