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[dih-tur-muh-nuh nt] /dɪˈtɜr mə nənt/

a agent or factor.
Mathematics. an algebraic expression of the sum of products of elements, each with an appropriate algebraic sign, usually written in a square array and used in the solution of systems of linear equations.
Also called antigenic determinant, epitope. Immunology. any site on an antigen molecule at which an antibody can bind, the chemical structure of the site the specific combining antibody.
Genetics Archaic. a gene.
serving to determine or affect
a factor, circumstance, etc, that influences or determines
(maths) a square array of elements that represents the sum of certain products of these elements, used to solve simultaneous equations, in vector studies, etc Compare matrix (sense 9)

c.1600 (adj.); 1680s (n.), from Latin determinantem (nominative determinans), present participle of determinare (see determine).

determinant de·ter·mi·nant (dĭ-tûr’mə-nənt)

Tending or serving to determine.


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