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[non-uh-sen-shuh l] /ˌnɒn əˈsɛn ʃəl/

not ; not necessary:
Nonessential use of gasoline was forbidden during the war.
a nonessential thing or person.
not essential; not necessary
(biochem) (of an amino acid in a particular organism) able to be synthesized from other substances
a nonessential person or thing

also nonessential, 1717, from non- + essential (adj.). Attested as a noun from 1806.

nonessential non·es·sen·tial (nŏn’ĭ-sěn’shəl)
Being a substance required for normal functioning but not needed in the diet because the body can synthesize it.


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    nonessential amino acid n. An alpha-amino acid that is required for protein synthesis and can be synthesized by humans.

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