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[hyoo-muh-nist or, often, yoo-] /ˈhyu mə nɪst or, often, ˈyu-/

a person having a strong interest in or concern for welfare, values, and dignity.
a person devoted to or versed in the .
a student of or affairs.
a classical scholar.
(sometimes initial capital letter) any one of the scholars of the Renaissance who pursued and disseminated the study and understanding of the cultures of ancient Rome and Greece, and emphasized secular, individualistic, and critical thought.
(sometimes initial capital letter) a person who follows a form of scientific or philosophical .
of or relating to affairs, nature, welfare, or values.
(sometimes initial capital letter) of or relating to the or classical scholarship, especially that of the Renaissance humanists.
of or relating to philosophical or scientific .

1580s, “student of the classical humanities,” from Middle French humaniste (16c.), formed on model of Italian umanista “student of human affairs or human nature,” coined by Italian poet Lodovicio Ariosto (1474-1533), from Latin humanus “human” (see human; also cf. humanism). Philosophical sense is from 1903.

In the Renaissance, a scholar who studied the languages and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome; today, a scholar of the humanities. The term secular humanist is applied to someone who concentrates on human activities and possibilities, usually downplaying or denying the importance of God and a life after death.


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