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  • Non-interpretive

    [in-tur-pri-tiv] /ɪnˈtɜr prɪ tɪv/ adjective 1. serving to ; explanatory. 2. deduced by . 3. made because of : an interpretive distortion of language. 4. of or relating to those arts that require an intermediary, as a performer, for realization, as in music or theater. 5. offering , explanations, or guidance, as through lectures, brochures, […]

  • Non-interrupted

    [in-tuh-ruhp-tid] /ˌɪn təˈrʌp tɪd/ adjective, Botany. 1. having an irregular or discontinuous arrangement, as of leaflets along a stem. /ˌɪntəˈrʌptɪd/ adjective 1. broken, discontinued, or hindered 2. (of plant organs, esp leaves) not evenly spaced along an axis 3. (music) Also deceptive. (of a cadence) progressing from the dominant chord to any other, such as […]

  • Non-intersecting

    [in-ter-sekt] /ˌɪn tərˈsɛkt/ verb (used with object) 1. to cut or divide by passing through or across: The highway intersects the town. verb (used without object) 2. to cross, as lines or wires. 3. Geometry. to have one or more points in common: intersecting lines. /ˌɪntəˈsɛkt/ verb 1. to divide, cut, or mark off by […]

  • Nonintervention

    [non-in-ter-ven-shuh n] /ˌnɒn ɪn tərˈvɛn ʃən/ noun 1. abstention by a nation from interference in the affairs of other nations or in those of its own political subdivisions. 2. failure or refusal to intervene. /ˌnɒnɪntəˈvɛnʃən/ noun 1. refusal to intervene, esp the abstention by a state from intervening in the affairs of other states or […]

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