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[mag-net-ik] /mægˈnɛt ɪk/

of or relating to a or .
having the properties of a .
capable of being or attracted by a .
pertaining to the of the earth:
the magnetic equator.
exerting a strong attractive power or charm:
a magnetic personality.
noting or pertaining to various bearings and measurements as indicated by a :
magnetic amplitude; magnetic course; magnetic meridian.
of, producing, or operated by means of magnetism
of or concerned with a magnet
of or concerned with the magnetism of the earth: the magnetic equator
capable of being magnetized
exerting a powerful attraction: a magnetic personality

1610s, literal; 1630s, figurative, from Modern Latin magneticus, from Latin magnes (see magnet).
Producing, caused by, or making use of magnetic fields.


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