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Non obs.

Latin non obstante (notwithstanding)


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  • Nonobservable

    [uh b-zur-vuh-buh l] /əbˈzɜr və bəl/ adjective 1. capable of being or liable to be ; noticeable; visible; discernible: an observable change in attitude. 2. worthy or important enough to be celebrated, followed, or : an observable holiday. 3. deserving of attention; noteworthy. adj. c.1600, from Latin observabilis “remarkable, observable,” from observare (see observe). Related: […]

  • Nonobservance

    [non-uh b-zur-vuh ns] /ˌnɒn əbˈzɜr vəns/ noun 1. absence or lack of .

  • Non-observant

    [non-uh b-zur-vuh ns] /ˌnɒn əbˈzɜr vəns/ noun 1. absence or lack of .

  • Non-obsolete

    [ob-suh-leet, ob-suh-leet] /ˌɒb səˈlit, ˈɒb səˌlit/ adjective 1. no longer in general use; fallen into disuse: an obsolete expression. 2. of a discarded or outmoded type; out of date: an obsolete battleship. 3. (of a linguistic form) no longer in use, especially, out of use for at least the past century. Compare . 4. effaced […]

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