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[pur-muh-nuh ns] /ˈpɜr mə nəns/

the condition or quality of being ; perpetual or continued existence.
the state or quality of being permanent

early 15c., from Middle French permanence and directly from Medieval Latin permanentia (early 14c.), from Latin permanens (see permanent). Related: Permanency.


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    [pur-mee-uh-buh l] /ˈpɜr mi ə bəl/ adjective 1. capable of being . /ˈpɜːmɪəbəl/ adjective 1. capable of being permeated, esp by liquids adj. early 15c., from Late Latin permeabilis “that can be passed through, passable,” from Latin permeare “to pass through, go over,” from per- “through” (see per) + meare “to pass,” from PIE root […]

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    [per-mis-uh-buh l] /pərˈmɪs ə bəl/ adjective 1. that can be ; allowable: a permissible amount of sentimentality under the circumstances; Such behavior is not permissible! /pəˈmɪsəbəl/ adjective 1. permitted; allowable adj. early 15c., from Old French permissible (15c.) and directly from Medieval Latin permissibilis, from permiss-, past participle stem of Latin permittere (see permit (v.)).

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