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[pyoo r-uh-luh nt, pyoo r-yuh-] /ˈpyʊər ə lənt, ˈpyʊər yə-/

full of, containing, forming, or discharging pus; suppurating:
a purulent sore.
attended with suppuration:
purulent appendicitis.
of the nature of or like pus:
purulent matter.
of, relating to, or containing pus

early 15c., from Middle French purulent and directly from Latin purulentus “full of pus,” from pus (genitive puris) “pus” (see pus). Related: Purulence.

purulent pu·ru·lent (pyur’ə-lənt, pyur’yə-)
Containing, discharging, or causing the production of pus.


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