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[rek-uh n-sahy-luh-buh l, rek-uh n-sahy-luh-buh l] /ˈrɛk ənˌsaɪ lə bəl, ˌrɛk ənˈsaɪ lə bəl/

capable of being .
/ˈrɛkənˌsaɪləbəl; ˌrɛkənˈsaɪ-/
able or willing to be reconciled

1610s, from reconcile + -able.


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    [rek-uh n-sil-ee-ey-shuh n] /ˌrɛk ənˌsɪl iˈeɪ ʃən/ noun 1. an act of , as when former enemies agree to an amicable truce. 2. the state of being reconciled, as when someone becomes resigned to something not desired. 3. the process of making consistent or compatible. /ˌrɛkənˌsɪlɪˈeɪʃən/ noun 1. (RC Church) a sacrament in which repentant […]

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