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[non-skej-oold, -oo ld, -oo-uh ld; British non-shed-yoold, -shej-oold] /nɒnˈskɛdʒ uld, -ʊld, -u əld; British nɒnˈʃɛd yuld, -ˈʃɛdʒ uld/

not scheduled; not entered on or having a schedule; unscheduled:
nonscheduled activities.
(of an airline) authorized to carry passengers or freight between specified points as demand warrants, rather than on a regular schedule.
/nɒnˈʃɛdjuːld; esp US nɒnˈskɛdʒʊəld/
not according to a schedule or plan; unscheduled
(of an airline) operating without published flight schedules


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