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[adjective, adverb non-stop; noun non-stop] /adjective, adverb ˈnɒnˈstɒp; noun ˈnɒnˌstɒp/

being without a single en route:
a nonstop bus; a nonstop flight from New York to Paris.
happening, done, or held without a or pause or without offering relief or respite:
The ambassador faced a nonstop schedule of meetings and interviews during her visit.
without a single en route.
Informal. without a pause or interruption or without respite; continually:
My back ached nonstop for three days.
a long-distance airline flight that makes no between the starting point and the destination.
adjective, adverb
done without pause or interruption: a nonstop flight

also nonstop, 1903, from non- + stop (v.); originally of railway trains. As an adverb from 1920.


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