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[suh-sep-tuh-buh l] /səˈsɛp tə bəl/

admitting or capable of some specified treatment:
susceptible of a high polish; susceptible to various interpretations.
accessible or especially liable or subject to some influence, mood, agency, etc.:
susceptible to colds; susceptible to flattery.
capable of being affected emotionally; impressionable.
(postpositive; foll by of or to) yielding readily (to); capable (of): hypotheses susceptible of refutation, susceptible to control
(postpositive) foll by to. liable to be afflicted (by): susceptible to colds
easily impressed emotionally

c.1600 (susceptive in the same sense is recorded from 1540s), from Late Latin susceptibilis “capable, sustainable, susceptible,” from Latin susceptus, past participle of suscipere “sustain, support, acknowledge,” from sub “up from under” + capere “to take” (see capable). Related: Susceptibility.

susceptible sus·cep·ti·ble (sə-sěp’tə-bəl)

sus·cep’ti·bil’i·ty (sə-sěp’tə-bĭl’ĭ-tē) n.


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