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[tran-si-tiv, -zi-] /ˈtræn sɪ tɪv, -zɪ-/

Grammar. having the nature of a .
characterized by or involving ; ; intermediate.
passing over to or affecting something else; transeunt.
Mathematics. noting a relation in which one element in relation to a second element and the second in relation to a third element implies the first element is in relation to the third element, as the relation “less than or equal to.”.
Grammar. .

(grammar) denoting an adjective, such as fond, or a noun, such as husband, that requires a noun phrase and cannot be used without some implicit or explicit reference to such a noun phrase
(logic, maths) having the property that if one object bears a relationship to a second object that also bears the same relationship to a third object, then the first object bears this relationship to the third object: mathematical equality is transitive, since if x = y and y = z then x = z

“taking a direct object” (of verbs), 1570s (implied in transitively), from Late Latin transitivus (Priscian) “transitive,” literally “that may pass over (to another person),” from transire “go or cross over” (see transient).
Of or relating to a mathematical or logical relation between three elements such that if the relation holds between the first and second elements and between the second and third elements, it necessarily holds between the first and third elements. The relation of being greater than in mathematics is transitive, since if a > b and b > c, then a > c.


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