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[vak-yoo-uh s] /ˈvæk yu əs/

without contents; empty:
the vacuous air.
lacking in ideas or intelligence:
a vacuous mind.
expressing or characterized by a lack of ideas or intelligence; inane; stupid:
a vacuous book.
purposeless; idle:
a vacuous way of life.
containing nothing; empty
bereft of ideas or intelligence; mindless
characterized by or resulting from vacancy of mind: a vacuous gaze
indulging in no useful mental or physical activity; idle
(logic, maths) (of an operator or expression) having no import; idle: in (x) (John is tall) the quantifier (x) is vacuous

1640s, “empty,” from Latin vacuus “empty, void, free” (see vacuum). Figurative sense of “empty of ideas” is from 1848. Related: Vacuously; vacuousness.


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