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[uh b-struhkt] /əbˈstrʌkt/

verb (used with object)
to block or close up with an obstacle; make difficult to pass:
Debris obstructed the road.
to interrupt, hinder, or oppose the passage, progress, course, etc., of.
to block from sight; to be in the way of (a view, passage, etc.).
verb (transitive)
to block (a road, passageway, etc) with an obstacle
to make (progress or activity) difficult
to impede or block a clear view of

1610s, a back-formation from obstruction or else from Latin obstructus, past participle of obstruere “to block, to stop up” (see obstruction). Related: Obstructed; obstructing.

obstruct ob·struct (əb-strŭkt’, ŏb-)
v. ob·struct·ed, ob·struct·ing, ob·structs
To block or close a body passage so as to hinder or interrupt a flow.
ob·struc’tive adj.


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