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[ri-stawr-uh-tiv, -stohr-] /rɪˈstɔr ə tɪv, -ˈstoʊr-/

serving to ; pertaining to .
capable of renewing health or strength.
a restorative agent, means, or the like.
a means of a person to consciousness:
Smelling salts serve as a restorative.
tending to revive or renew health, spirits, etc
anything that restores or revives, esp a drug or agent that promotes health or strength

late 14c., from Old French restoratif from restorer (see restore).

early 15c., from restorative (adj.), or from Medieval Latin restaurativum “a restorative.”

restorative re·stor·a·tive (rĭ-stôr’ə-tĭv)

A medicine or other agent that helps to restore health, strength, or consciousness.


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