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Norbert wiener

[wee-ner] /ˈwi nər/

Norbert, 1894–1964, U.S. mathematician: pioneer in cybernetics.
(US & Canadian) a kind of smoked beef or pork sausage, similar to a frankfurter Also called wienie, weenie (ˈwiːnɪ)
Norbert (ˈnɔːbət). 1894–1964, US mathematician, who developed the concept of cybernetics

1904, shortening of wienerwurst (1889), from German Wiener “of Vienna” (from Wien “Vienna,” from Latin Vindo-bona, from Gaulish vindo-, from Celt. vindo- “white;” cf. Old Irish find, Welsh gwyn “white;” see Gwendolyn) + Wurst “sausage.” Clipped form wienie is attested from 1911. Extensive pejorative senses developed from its penis-like shape.


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