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of, relating to, or characteristic of a Germanic people of northern European origin, exemplified by the Scandinavians.
having or suggesting the physical characteristics associated with these people, typically tall stature, blond hair, blue eyes, and elongated head.
(sometimes lowercase) of or relating to skiing events involving ski jumping and cross-country skiing.
Compare (def 5).
a member of the Nordic people, especially a Scandinavian.
Contemporary Examples

The same picture emerges from middle class men in the U.S., Canada, and the Nordic countries.
How Good Dads Can Change the World Gary Barker, PhD, Michael Kaufman January 5, 2015

The Nordic myths describe the Home of the Gods as simultaneously glorious—and doomed.
The New York Times as Substitute for Religion Michael Medved June 2, 2011

A “FOR SALE” sign hangs outside the Nordic pavilion and a real-estate agent takes visitors on house tours.
My Biennale Favorites Anthony Haden-Guest June 7, 2009

The new Nordic cuisine is nothing short of a national movement, complete with a manifesto and an army of acolytes.
Denmark’s New Nordic Cuisine Beyond Noma Sophie Menin May 21, 2012

Nowadays Iceland and its Nordic neighbours are more trendy than ever.
Want to Write a Book? Go to Iceland Adam LeBor May 25, 2014

Historical Examples

Even in eastern Turkestan there are still strong evidences of Nordic blood in the physiognomy of the people.
The Outline of History: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind Herbert George Wells

There was no such thing, at that time, as a consolidated Nordic empire.
The Hyborian Age Robert E. Howard

Attila and his Huns were the first to break through into Nordic lands as far as the plains of northern France.
The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy Theodore Lothrop Stoddard

Until the last century or so before the Christian era, the Mongol and the Nordic peoples had not been in close touch.
A Short History of the World H. G. Wells

But here we have to consider the differences of climate, and the apparent necessity of a rather generous diet for the Nordic race.
The Legacy of Greece Various

(skiing) of or relating to competitions in cross-country racing and ski-jumping Compare alpine (sense 4)
(of recreational walking) incorporating the use of poles that resemble ski poles to aid movement
of, relating to, or belonging to a subdivision of the Caucasoid race typified by the tall blond blue-eyed long-headed inhabitants of N Britain, Scandinavia, N Germany, and the Netherlands

1898, from French nordique (in J. Deniker’s system of race classifications), literally “of or pertaining to the north,” from nord “north” (a loan-word from Old English; see north). Perhaps influenced by German Nordisch. As a noun, from 1901. Strictly, the blond peoples who inhabit Scandinavia and the north of Britain. As a type of skiing competition, it is attested from 1954.


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