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Normal form

1. In reduction systems, the state of a term which contains no reducible expressions. Variants include head normal form, weak head normal form.
2. See database normalisation.


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  • Normal human plasma

    normal human plasma n. Sterile plasma obtained by pooling the liquid portion of whole blood to which has been added a solution of potassium or sodium citrate, or both, from eight or more healthy adult humans and by exposing it to ultraviolet light to destroy bacterial and viral contaminants.

  • Normal human serum albumin

    normal human serum albumin n. A sterile preparation of serum albumin obtained by fractionating blood plasma proteins from healthy persons and used as a transfusion material.

  • Normalisation

    1. A transformation applied uniformly to each element in a set of data so that the set has some specific statistical property. For example, monthly measurements of the rainfall in London might be normalised by dividing each one by the total for the year to give a profile of rainfall throughout the year. 2. Representation […]

  • Normalised

    [nawr-muh-lahyz] /ˈnɔr məˌlaɪz/ verb (used with object), normalized, normalizing. 1. to make . 2. to establish or resume (relations) in a manner, as between countries. 3. Metallurgy. to heat (a steel alloy) to a suitable temperature above the transformation range and then to cool in still air at ambient temperature. verb (used without object), normalized, […]

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