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[nawrs-muh n] /ˈnɔrs mən/

noun, plural Norsemen.
noun (pl) -men
another name for a Viking


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  • Norse mythology

    The mythology of Scandinavia, which was also widespread in Germany and Britain until the establishment there of Christianity. For the people and places most important in Norse mythology, see Odin, Thor, trolls, and Valhalla.

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    [nawr-stad, -stahd] /ˈnɔr stæd, -stɑd/ noun 1. Lauris [lawr-is,, lohr-] /ˈlɔr ɪs,, ˈloʊr-/ (Show IPA), 1907–1988, U.S. Air Force general: Supreme Allied Commander of NATO 1956–63.

  • Norteamericano

    [nawr-te-ah-me-ree-kah-naw] /ˌnɔr tɛ ɑˌmɛ riˈkɑ nɔ/ Spanish. noun, plural norteamericanos [nawr-te-ah-me-ree-kah-naws] /ˌnɔr tɛ ɑˌmɛ riˈkɑ nɔs/ (Show IPA) 1. a citizen or inhabitant of the U.S., especially as distinguished from the peoples of Spanish-speaking America. adjective 2. of, relating to, or characteristic of the norteamericano.

  • Nortena

    [nawr-teyn-yuh; Spanish nawr-te-nyah] /nɔrˈteɪn yə; Spanish nɔrˈtɛ nyɑ/ noun 1. a lively, polkalike folk music chiefly of southern Texas and northern Mexico, usually with Spanish lyrics and played on accordion and 12-string guitar, sometimes with fiddle and saxophone.

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