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[nawrth-bound] /ˈnɔrθˌbaʊnd/

going toward the :
northbound traffic.
going or leading towards the north

1903, from north + bound (adj.2).


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    noun 1. a province in S Netherlands. 1965 sq. mi. (5090 sq. km). Capital: ‘s Hertogenbosch. noun 1. a province of the S Netherlands: formed part of the medieval duchy of Brabant. Capital: ‘s Hertogenbosch. Pop: 2 400 000 (2003 est). Area: 4965 sq km (1917 sq miles) Dutch name Noordbrabant

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    [nawrth-brij] /ˈnɔrθˌbrɪdʒ/ noun 1. a town in S Massachusetts. architecture The single integrated circuit in a core logic chip set that connects the CPU to the system memory and the AGP and PCI busses. Other functions are provided by the southbridge chip. (http://maximumpc.com/terminator/terminator_n.html). (2000-01-15)

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