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[nawrth-nawrth-west-werd, Nautical nawr-nawr-west-werd] /ˈnɔrθˌnɔrθˈwɛst wərd, Nautical ˈnɔrˌnɔrˈwɛst wərd/

adverb, adjective
toward the .


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  • North of

    adjective phrase More than; above: Credit Lyonnais will probably pay Ovitz north of $30 million/ agood guess would be somewhere north of $5 million (1990s+)

  • North of 60

    noun 1. (Canadian) the area of Canada lying north of 60 N

  • North-olmsted

    [uhm-sted, -stid] /ˈʌm stɛd, -stɪd/ noun 1. a city in NE Ohio, near Cleveland.

  • North-ossetia

    noun 1. an autonomous republic in S European Russia, in the N Caucasus. 3100 sq. mi. (8029 sq. km) Capital: Vladikavkaz.

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