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  • North-dakota

    noun 1. a state in the N central United States. 70,665 sq. mi. (183,020 sq. km). Capital: Bismarck. Abbreviation: ND (for use with zip code), N. Dak. noun 1. a state of the western US: mostly undulating prairies and plains, rising from the Red River valley in the east to the Missouri plateau in the […]

  • North down

    noun 1. a district of E Northern Ireland, in Co Down. Pop: 77 110 (2003 est). Area: 82 sq km (32 sq miles)

  • North-downs

    1. a range of chalk hills in SE England, S of the Thames, extending W to E about 100 miles (160 km): Highest peak, Leith Hill, 965 feet (294 meters).

  • Northeast

    [nawrth-eest; Nautical nawr-eest] /ˌnɔrθˈist; Nautical ˌnɔrˈist/ noun 1. a point on the compass midway between and . Abbreviation: NE. 2. a region in this direction. 3. the Northeast, the northeastern part of the United States. adverb 4. toward or in the northeast: sailing northeast. adjective 5. coming from the northeast: a northeast wind. 6. directed […]

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