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a member of an American Indian people of Nevada, Oregon, and California, allied to the .
See under (def 2).
[pahy-oot, pahy-oot] /paɪˈut, ˈpaɪ ut/
noun, plural Paiutes (especially collectively) Paiute.
a member of a group of North American Indians of the Uto-Aztecan family dwelling in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.
either of two mutually unintelligible Uto-Aztecan languages (Northern Paiute and Southern Paiute)
/ˈpaɪˌuːt; paɪˈjuːt/
(pl) -utes, -ute. a member of either of two North American Indian peoples (Northern Paiute and Southern Paiute) of the Southwestern US, related to the Aztecs
the language of either of these peoples, belonging to the Shoshonean subfamily of the Uto-Aztecan family


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