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  • Northumberland

    [nawr-thuhm-ber-luh nd] /nɔrˈθʌm bər lənd/ noun 1. a county in NE England. 1943 sq. mi. (5030 sq. km). /nɔːˈθʌmbələnd/ noun 1. the northernmost county of England, on the North Sea; became a unitary authority in 2009: hilly in the north (the Cheviots) and west (the Pennines), with many Roman remains, notably Hadrian’s Wall; shipbuilding, coal […]

  • Northumberland-strait

    noun 1. the part of the Gulf of St. Lawrence that separates Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, in SE Canada. About 200 miles (320 km) long; 9–30 miles (15–48 km) wide.

  • Northumbria

    [nawr-thuhm-bree-uh] /nɔrˈθʌm bri ə/ noun 1. an early English kingdom extending N from the Humber to the Firth of Forth. /nɔːˈθʌmbrɪə/ noun 1. (in Anglo-Saxon Britain) a region that stretched from the Humber to the Firth of Forth: formed in the 7th century ad, it became an important intellectual centre; a separate kingdom until 876 […]

  • Northumbrian

    [nawr-thuhm-bree-uh n] /nɔrˈθʌm bri ən/ adjective 1. of or relating to , Northumberland, or the inhabitants or dialect of either. noun 2. a native or inhabitant of or Northumberland. 3. the English dialect of or Northumberland. /nɔːˈθʌmbrɪən/ adjective 1. of or relating to the English county of Northumberland, its inhabitants, or their dialect of English […]

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