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Nose around

verb phrase

To show strong inquisitiveness; investigate, esp closely and slyly; pry: Why are you nosing around in my life in the first place? (1879+)


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  • Nosebag

    /ˈnəʊzˌbæɡ/ noun 1. a bag, fastened around the head of a horse and covering the nose, in which feed is placed

  • Nose-bag

    noun 1. (def 1).

  • Noseband

    [nohz-band] /ˈnoʊzˌbænd/ noun 1. that part of a bridle or halter that passes over the animal’s . /ˈnəʊzˌbænd/ noun 1. the detachable part of a horse’s bridle that goes around the nose Also called nosepiece

  • Nosebleed

    [nohz-bleed] /ˈnoʊzˌblid/ noun 1. from the . 2. . /ˈnəʊzˌbliːd/ noun 1. bleeding from the nose, as the result of injury, etc Technical name epistaxis nosebleed nose·bleed (nōz’blēd’) n. A nasal hemorrhage; bleeding from the nose. modifier noun Putative nasal bleeding caused by high altitudes: $50. This is the dreaded 400 section of Madison Square […]

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