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Only mentioned in Isa. 3:21, although refered to in Gen. 24:47, Prov. 11:22, Hos. 2:13. They were among the most valued of ancient female ornaments. They “were made of ivory or metal, and occasionally jewelled. They were more than an inch in diameter, and hung upon the mouth. Eliezer gave one to Rebekah which was of gold and weighed half a shekel…At the present day the women in the country and in the desert wear these ornaments in one of the sides of the nostrils, which droop like the ears in consequence.”


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  • Nose-job

    noun, Informal. 1. cosmetic surgery of the nose; rhinoplasty. noun 1. (slang) a surgical remodelling of the nose for cosmetic reasons n. “rhinoplasty,” 1963, from nose (n.) + job (n.). nose job n. Rhinoplasty, especially one performed for cosmetic purposes. noun phrase Plastic surgery to beautify a nose; rhinoplasty (1963+)

  • Nose-leaf

    noun 1. a leaflike outgrowth of skin on the nose of various bats, thought to be sensitive to vibrations of the air.

  • Nosemaphobia

    noun a fear of illness; also called nosophobia Word Origin noso- ‘disease’

  • Nose out of joint

    To be in a bad mood: “Ever since Bill got that traffic ticket, he’s had his nose out of joint.” Related Terms put someone’s nose out of joint

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