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[no-stol-uh-jee] /nɒˈstɒl ə dʒi/

(med) another word for gerontology


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  • Nostomania

    [nos-tuh-mey-nee-uh, -meyn-yuh] /ˌnɒs təˈmeɪ ni ə, -ˈmeɪn yə/ noun 1. intense homesickness; an irresistible compulsion to return home. noun an overwhelming homesickness; a passion for nostalgia Word Origin Greek nostos ‘homecoming’

  • Nostradamus

    [nos-truh-dey-muh s, -dah-, noh-struh-] /ˌnɒs trəˈdeɪ məs, -ˈdɑ-, ˈnoʊ strə-/ noun 1. (Michel de Nostredame) 1503–66, French astrologer. /ˌnɒstrəˈdɑːməs/ noun 1. Latinized name of Michel de Notredame. 1503–66, French physician and astrologer; author of a book of prophecies in rhymed quatrains, Centuries (1555) “a prophet, seer, a fortune-teller,” 1660s, from Latinized name of Michel de […]

  • No-strike

    [noh-strahyk] /ˈnoʊˌstraɪk/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or containing a provision that workers are not permitted to strike under certain terms and conditions: a no-strike clause in a labor contract.

  • Nostril

    [nos-truh l] /ˈnɒs trəl/ noun 1. either of the two external openings of the nose. /ˈnɒstrɪl/ noun 1. either of the two external openings of the nose related adjectives narial narine n. Old English nosþyrl, nosðirl, literally “the hole of the nose,” from nosu “nose” (see nose (n.)) + þyrel “hole” (see thrill (v.)). nostril […]

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