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Not know something if it bit someone

verb phrase

To be quite ignorant and unperceptive: Kuttner wouldn’t know a strategic trade policy if it bit him on the leg (1990s+)


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  • Not know where to turn

    Also, not know which way to jump or turn. Have no idea of how to get help or what course to take. For example, With all these offers coming in, he didn’t know where to turn, or When her car was towed, Meg was distraught and did not know which way to jump. The first […]

  • Notlayaglove on someone

    verb phrase To leave unscathed; fail to hurt: To this point, they haven’t laid a glove on him (1940s+ Prizefighting)

  • Not lay a glove on someone

    noun A chronic nagger, kibitzer, or complainer: He’s not a writer, he’s a nudge/not as an assassin, but as a nudge and a nerd (1960s+) v: Usually he comes up to nudgy me while I’m writing/and oh nudjh, could he nudjh! [fr Yiddish fr Slavic ”fret, dully ache”; perhaps influenced by English nudge]

  • Not make deals

    verb phrase To refuse to operate by or tolerate clandestine or unethical arrangements: I don’t make deals, especially not with crooks (1960s+)

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